Thursday, 17 January 2013

Questioning myself

I began my project last October by answering this set of questions. 
When I felt at all overwhelmed by my ideas or other people's suggestions,
I referred to the answers I had written to regain my focus.

What interests you?
Repeat patterns, multiples, order
What are your core ideas?
Manipulation – using my hands
Audience – how does your audience receive your work?
In awe – amazement
My experiences of showing off craftsmanship
Why are you doing it?
For my own pleasure, to discover and develop my own creative practice
What do you want to achieve
To learn new skills well enough to teach
What are you going to do?
Explore the relationship between folded imagery and folded manipulations
What does success look like?
Something big and awe inspiring
How do you achieve success?
Learning through making, testing, developing
What are you actually going to do?
Explore my relationship with precision

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