Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Triangular Reflections

I started this project by challenging myself to complete Spread Hexagons - a pattern taken from Origami Tessellations - Awe Inspiring Geometric Designs by Eric Gjerde.

At times I felt completely helpless, not knowing which crease to flatten or twist in which direction.  The more frustrated I became the more I forced the paper which consequently crumpled and became dirty.  I feel satisfied to have completed it but questioning whether or not I want to repeat this pattern?

My initial thoughts regarding “imagery” for this project were using a kaleidoscope. I found my mother’s antique kaleidoscope which had broken, enabling me to think about the internal construction and how the patterns are generated. Below is a picture taken through the triangular tube looking out of my studio window.  The joins between the edges of glass did not create smooth reflections.  This was the beginning of a little obsession I developed looking a reflections…

I began by learning how to make a kaleidoscopic pattern on Photoshop, and designed a grid.  Using my own photograph of keys, I developed this into pattern.  I think the result is quite interesting because other patterns appear and new shapes evolve.

Cabane de Reflexion’ Etienne Rey, Marseille, France
I found this construction very powerful - the use of reflective materials is an interesting concept I want to incorporate into my project.

I laser cut mirror Perspex and using spray mount and super glue stuck it to a piece of Tyvek.  The super glue worked well to keep the corners from defiance.
I think these photographs I took in my studio are much more interesting than the experimental tessellation.

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