Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Modules - starting with a basic fold

I folded this simple shape from plain white paper to explore possibilities of ways it could stand.
By making another, I photographed the combinations how they could fit / stand together.

I discovered many possibilities by fiddling around with this structure and photographing the outcomes.  By the end, I considered how the separates could be joined, so I stitched some points together (which became hidden) and created this dome-like structure.  I thought this was particularly interesting shape, rather like a Xmas decoration or like a jelly-fish
But I do not feel satisfied by the way it connects with the ‘ground’ – it does not lie flat / level.
By balancing on its points, it looks un-sturdy, which does not matter at this scale, but might be a concern at a larger scale. 

The next material I tested was a light weight ply-wood – I laser cut the pieces and really liked the singed edges and the quality of the material. I simply taped the edges together which was unsuccessful because the corners stuck out and the base lines did not connect with the ground.

The work of Elisa Strozyk - a German designer - greatly inspires me.  She makes 'wooden textiles' - using a geometric system she transforms a rigid material into flexible products.

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